Thursday, January 03, 2008

What's your word?

Do you have a mantra? How about a theme song? A word to represent your upcoming year? I got this idea from Ali Edwards' website - I find her to be a very unaffected and inspiring human being. Someone that when you begin to read her website you immediately want to get a cup of coffee and keep reading. Anyhooo, my word for this year is Purge. It's time. I started last year with "Green" and going organic and entering a basic cleansing phase, but this year, I'm going to really continue it with:
Purge the excess "stuff".
Purge the negative self talk.
Purge the yelling.
Purge the excess body weight.
Purge people who creep into my life who aren't healthy.
Purge bad habits.
Purge limiting yourself.
Purge the urge to spread yourself too thin.
Purge the urge to...etc., etc. and so forth :)
Have a great 2008!

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