Monday, January 07, 2008

I just want to say.....


You can read all their bios here :

I personally had (maybe still have?) one of their Christmas albums when I was (ahem) younger - they rocked then and they still rock now! I did NOT know that they have been around since 1959 though!! Did you???

L.O.A.D. page today was super-simple, just a pocket page to keep holiday cards/letters in...I'm also going to put the photo cards of people that the kiddos know into a flip book for the coffee table. I think I'm going to make a similar page like this for every year that I saved my holiday cards! It's so easy and makes it nice to go back and read through for those nostalgic times. Oh! And a bonus RECYLING IDEA I got from a new friend over on the BPS board at the L.O.A.D. challenge (see links) is to take all of the regular Christmas cards that weren't extra special in any way and tear off the fronts and then use them as postcard thank you notes for gifts, dinners, etc. for the holiday season! Wonderful use! LOVE IT! Well here's the page....let me know if you want directions on making a pocket page:

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