Wednesday, April 16, 2008

GOAL MET! Elusive Sleep! The Creative Train Continues and more...

April 16, 2008
First of all, Happy Birthday Maggie! :) Make it a great day!

Well, well...seems like I'm always saying time flies by around here...well lately it's been one big snotty HAZE! We went to Arizona at the end of March (Easter) for a week which was relaxing...would have been even better if my back didn't go completely out at the Mariner Spring Training game the second day we were there! Seriously - like couldn't stand up kind of "out". It was HORRIBLE! So needless to say I spent the entire time on drugs and ice packs by the pool...woe is me! :) But it was still nice to see the sun and family and friends (Hi Bobbi and Shannon! Adam and Alea and Sara!) We had a TON of fun with all of them and wish we could live by them ALL the time...considered moving down there...found a GREAT house...yes, we looked at houses...I know, scary! But that's what all this WASHINGTON RAIN can do to you! LOL...we came back to SNOW as most of you know...yikes!

Anyhooo, I also came back with what I thought was allergies but after a few days of sitting in one place and NOT MOVING AT ALL Lar banished me to the doctor's office. They decided I have a sinus infection and that I was on the "back end" of it and didn't prescribe me anything for it, because at this point it had been 2 weeks with the hacking cough and one week with the nose thing. I start to feel better, decide to throw and impromtu bday party for Seth's 6th bday party (he wasn't going for the "Honey, but AZ was your birthday!") and made up invites and distributed them to his Kindergarten class on Tuesday for a party at our house on Friday...can you imagine that I had 20+ children in my house Friday afternoon? Thank GOODNESS for the Junior Mint girls! They saved my bacon being my party helpers! Thanks girls :) It was a zoo, a fun zoo, but crazy :) And thanks T and T for taking pix for me - I'm actually in some of them! That's a new one! :)
So...this was Friday, by Sunday I was back in my cozy spot not feeling so cozy and not moving again. Monday I didn't move either and called the dr.'s office to get drugs. They didn't call them in until late and I fell asleep and didn't wake up until after the pharmacy was closed. I wanted to cry (I think I did) I felt so horrible. I made it until Tuesday, (mind you this week is the kids' Spring Break so they are HOME with me - fun, fun!) got the drugs and started taking them...nothing has been happening fast. It's a 2 week prescrip. which they tell me I may have to refill for another 2 weeks! And those of you who know me know I get side effects from antibiotics...oh YES! Even more FUN! NOT. Oh my.

So here I am, a month into this thing, still can't hear out of my right ear (better than feeling like I'm underwater completely though!) but I CAN breathe finally! YAY! So if you have missed me or my phone calls (if we do that sort of thing) that's where I've been and that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Not to mention anytime I try to resume any semblance of normal activities my body shuts down and starts to relapse completely...I just can't have that...still debating on doing my volunteer work today - it's been a month - they must think I'm the biggest flake around! Not sure what I should do...


Not having a keen sense of smell has made my appetite suck. So it's been VERY easy to keep on the Weight Watchers plan! LOL! I met my 10% goal last week and REACHED MY WEIGHT GOAL this week! My appetite came back last week so help keep me honest. I'm now on 6 week MAINTENANCE and when I maintain my weight I will be a lifetime member and can stop paying! Wish me luck! Tell me I don't need the late night Swedish Fish or whatever else I'm pilfering away in my art's my downfall you know! lol...and since I haven't worked out in a month (walking/yoga) I NEED to stay away from them until I can breathe and earn some activity points!

I just cannot seem to sleep with this thing going on...if I sleep on my congested ear I "hear" music and echoes and things so I wake up...if I sleep face down I can't breathe. Face up my mouth dries out...this sucks. So I gave up and got out of bed at 4:30am this morning. Whatever. I went to bed at 9:30pm and was awake almost every 1/2 to every hour. Oh if I could only sleep like her...(and look like her - VA VOOM!)

Well I guess if I looked like her Lar wouldn't let me do much sleeping anyway! ROFLMAO!!!!


I will FINALLY be sending out things I owe to people this week....SOOOOOO sorry....
I gutted my art room during this whole sickness ordeal and realized I didn't mail them (I have stamp, not rubber - stop snickering! Yes, okay, I have those too! I mean postage...I NEVER have any on hand!)

This Library of Memories class I'm taking over at BPS is AWESOME! As I said I GUTTED my Art Room...seriously gutted it this time...I have boxes of items to sell at my garage sale in May and I THREW AWAY (gasp! don't you wish you were here volunteering to help me? You could have made out like a bandit!) garbage can after garbage can FULL! PLUS if you are one of my CLOSE TO MY HEART customers I will be having a FIRE SALE! No, no real fire, just a fire in my pants to get organized. Stamp sets, both acrylic and wood for the cheapest you've ever seen me sell them, blocks, ink pads, cutters, papers, kits...keep checking this blog for info.

Here are the title pages and a sample of a section page for my Library of Memories albums. They are called, "Things We Do", "Places We Go", "All About Us", and "People We Love". All products are Close To My Heart. I had a lot of fun sanding and using paint to make these!


Have a great day and I will post some AZ and bday party photos as soon as I sort them out!
Post some comments! I miss ya'll!