Saturday, January 05, 2008

Jenna - you were and are truly loved.

In Loving Memory of my friend Pam's daughter, Jenna Latsha, Feb 12-19877 - Dec 22, 2007

Her Celebration Of Life service was held today at Alki Beach Community Center in Seattle, was very poignant and loving and had several moments of laughter. After family and friends spoke about Jenna's life we all went down to the beach and released red balloons to honor her memory. I came home and was so moved, I made this page about all of the things Jenna taught me today. Though her physical body may be gone, her spirit will definitely live on. You can click on the image to read the text. I definitely learned some life lessons today from a 20 year old girl's life cut short, as well as learned what I want my Celebration of Life service to be like someday. I will be lucky if it is filled with as much love as Jenna's was today.

xoxo -C

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