Monday, January 14, 2008



Excerpt from Alexandra Stoddard's You Are Your Choices: "So many people have a terrible time making up their minds. Indecision drains energy, causes procrastination, and keeps us from moving forward with life. We become scattered and confused. There is no absolute certain choice. There is only the wise, good choice at the time." "Choice by definition contains ambiguity."

So...choices. How do you feel about them? Do you relish them? Struggle with them? I talked a few days ago about my youngest son, S, who NEEDS them to operate. Then there's my oldest son, J, who, when presented with choices, is always afraid of choosing "wrong" - he always wants to make sure he's choosing the "best" of the choices presented. What about you? Do you like choices or do you like to be told what to do? What about when you MUST make a choice? Do you procrastinate until it has caused undue confusion and unrest for so many others? Make a choice and stand by it. Change your mind later, if more information presents itself. Be proud of your choices. Let your voice be heard. Be confident. Go forth in the world and choose. It is your right and our ancestors worked hard to give us these rights.

I laugh a bit as I write this because I know so many of you are rolling your eyes and thinking, "Oh sure, it's EASY for you!" But NOT TRUE. I just fake it. Because if someone doesn't make a decision, doesn't choose, doesn't speak, doesn't move forward, then where would we all be? Well I for one, don't want to know.

Just a thought for the morning from a bit of reading I did last night. Feel free to CHOOSE to comment :)

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