Thursday, January 03, 2008

Musings on 2007

I made this layout for a challenge I received from A Beautiful Mess - Elsie's blog - love those challenges - they always kick me in the 'ol patootie! So here you go..."Musings on my 2007 and what I learned"

Some of the musings (which you probably can't read) are as follows:

Find your Passion: and dump the rest! Spend time on your hobbies - it's okay! Take care of yourself first!

journal: Blogging, scrapping, art journals, scraps of paper, it's all cheap therapy!

Continually strive for balance...plan your work and work your plan.

Choose Love

Choose Joy

Work In Progress...and it's okay. It's okay to be wrong, and it's okay to admit it publicly.

Do what you LOVE. It's okay to let go of things you don't love - life's too short to waste time on them.

experience new tastes, places, peoples, charities, lifestyles, ways to be green

Choose grace

walk the dog more often

Pet me! (on dog)

Kiss me

Hug me

Love lots

Love passionately

play God gave you two active boys for a reason - so go play!

experiment with new colors!

go organic!

Give back!

Be green!

Take no more than what you need.

spend time with seniors, for one day you too will be one!

Loving touches



Practice something calming like yoga, gardening, walking, drinking tea, scheduling out your time...this will avoid undue anxiety.

Candles and music make me feel calm.







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