Friday, July 18, 2008


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Theresa's 70's themed bday party - we were STYLIN'!!!

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Having lots of summer fun! You?

Sorry I haven't been posting regularly...we've been having LOTS of summer fun around here! Today is my mom's birthday...see the slideshow I made for her :) We are going to Emerald Downs on Sunday to celebrate - today (Fri.) Jonah has a co-birthday sleepover/bowling party for TWO of his friends and Saturday Seth has a sleepover bday party at a friends' house as is DEFINITELY BIRTHDAY SEASON around here!

I was messing around with self-portraits again the other day - was headed out for a day with my friend Angela (we had lots of fun by the way! :) ) - anyhoooooooo, am LOVING the results of working out and TAKING CARE of myself! I notice that if I TAKE PHOTOS of my new, improved self and post them around, I am MOTIVATED to keep it up :) I never did that before. What are your secrets/tips?

I started doing Jillian Michael's 30 day shred on ON DEMAND...they are on DVD too. They are great! I have only done them 3-4 times so far but they seem to really work your muscles - and in 30 minutes nonetheless! I need to get back into the routine of going to the gym - being out of town last week and this week has thrown me off - but I DID keep active while I was gone walking and riding my bike of all things! Rode the Wenatchee Loop with my friend Holli (11 miles) and took a long, hilly (and mind you, SCARY) ride along Hwy 2 with my friend Angela out at Lincoln Rock - until we took a nice detour thanks to the fruit stand girl's advice. It was crazy HOT but sooooooooooo cool to be OUT THERE and using my body in different ways again!

LOVING LIFE right now! (However, I AM noticing that with getting LOTS of sun exposure and thus vitamin D, I am staying awake WAYYYYYYY late! Notice: 1:45am right now! yikes!)

Paper party at my house Saturday from 2-10pm - are you coming? Let me know :)
Trish sent me some samples of some cards she's created lately - thought I'd share - maybe it will inspire you! I LOVE the pirate one! Way to go Trish! If any of YOU want me to share what you're doing...send me some photos! I'd love to see!


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