Monday, December 10, 2007

Lovely time of year!

Well isn't this just a lovely time of year?!? It's been snowing off and on...and then it disappears and we go about our business and then wake up one morning to the feathery white stuff again and we all act like children again! It's just lovely!

This time of year is splendid! I love the white lights, the smell of cinnamon and pine, candles, candles and more candles! Advent calendars, spending time with family, Christmas music and holiday makes me happy :) If you're around, stop on by for a cup of tea or coffee anytime...we have the lights on, the candles burning, the music playing and a chair waiting for you!

This time of year is about spending time with family and friends. About taking care of those less fortunate. About reveling in the birth of our Creator and celebrating it with great joy. It is all about the thought, and not the mighty dollar. This is why we've taken a huge step to make and bake most of our gifts this year and boy has it been a fun decision! Fun in the sense that we are putting our hearts and our time into our gifts and not getting frustrated with traffic and malls and not being able to find the right color or size. Fun, in figuring out what to make and then doing it with our own two hands. Fun in spending more time with each other since we have less running around to do. FUN, FUN, FUN!

Identity Crisis solved. I think I was just overwhelmed with STUFF. So you can take the stuff, just leave me my family and my God, and I'll have a VERY, MERRY about you?