Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Is it just me or are things going in slow motion this year? I am soooooooooo tired it's not even funny! Yet it's like time is standing still! I realize it's not, when, in the morning, the kids are reading the next day's Advent calendar "to do" and updating the calendar "countdown" blocks...but I didn't ACCOMPLISH anything off my Christmas "list" the previous day either!

Yet I'm not in panic mode...YET. Nor am I insane...YET. I am actually quite apathetic about the whole situation and would like to take a nap. Yes, a nice warm nap. Oh yeah, dinner needs to be made...but we just ate lunch at 4...but dh will be home expecting dinner at 6...but a nap sounds so good...


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ahhhh! My very own BLOG!

Who knew?!? One day I'd have my very own BLOG! Now THAT is something I would REALLY have to explain to Mom and Dad! LOL...that could take a bit of time! Perhaps I'll skip that conversation...

So the maple syrup question about sent me out of my chair laughing BECAUSE I have a coffee creamer that does the exact thing! It throws up creamer into my coffee! So much so that I don't use the poor fellow's too disgusting. Well actually, we do use him on occasion, for humor, when we have new guests who've never seen him before! He's part of my "collection"...I don't have one of those "obnoxious" collections that take over your house...mine is on the smaller scale and more subtle (thus the discontinued use of the throwing up rooster). But it all a started with a cookie jar that was passed down until it landed in my lap, from my Great-Grandma...and that's all she wrote folks!

Okay, it's late, and I'm freezing! Off to find a big, warm blanket and try to get warmly....