Thursday, January 24, 2008

And Poof! A week has gone by!

Just like that! I tell ya' a little life, let the house get messy, scrap a bit, go on a couple of family outings and POOF! Time flies!

Well let's see...I've been BUSY! And not working out either! YIKES! I DID go back to yoga today - felt SOOOO good! WHEW! Speaking of yoga, here's a page I did about one of my favorite RELEASES:

Oh yes, and I got a bit sick with a cold...I put up a really good fight,but finally one day it won out and so, for my L.O.A.D. that day (see links if you have no idea what I'm talking about) I made this page (thank goodness for self-timers!)

And then let's see...I was inspired by another scrapper's layout at the LOAD challenge to scrap my scrap space one day - WITHOUT picking it up first (OH MY!) and this is what I came up with:

Oh! And the day Jonah bonked his head? My last blog? Remember I told you we took some photos? Well I made another layout with some of those photos...and here it is:

And let's see...I got really inspired by Stacy Julian over at and her new book that's going to be released on Feb. 1st. So I started organizing our photo albums and assessing what photos I have and what I need to do to get them where we can actually enjoy them and make it easier for me to be able to "pluck" them for scrapping (because I DO NOT scrap chronologically at all, nor to want to scrap every photo I own - EVER) this was my page that day:

I was in a VERY LARRY mood one night this past week and made this layout to honor my best friend and soul mate - the only person in the world who truly knows how to soothe my soul:

And I needed a QUICK layout to do one night so I used this matted photo of Jonah Bug that I had sitting in my favorite photos pile and cut up some cute patterned paper and paired it up with some FABU orange flowers I had just bought (I'm REALLY into orange right now - it is HARD to find accents in ORANGE!) and ended up with this:

And another day I needed a quick page and took an idea off of my Inspiration Ring that I made (from page layouts I've cut out from mags) and scraplifted this one - well sorta kinda - they made a cat page on a b/w/red paisley paper. I added the hearts and the name, etc. But it gave me the start! I would NEVER have thought to use this paper otherwise! That's what it's all about - finding INSPIRATION somewhere and GOING with it!

I have been getting sooooo much done! I also managed to go to my cousin's baby shower this weekend, we took the kiddos to the "Specific" Science Center (that's what Seth calls it! LOL!) and to Spaghetti Factory afterwards - YUM! Have had appointments, appointments and appointments this week - I really don't like weeks like this, but hey, it's life. So I try to pack them all into one week. Oh! And I lost my car/house keys! And they haven't been turned in yet! And I lost them in a store! YIKES! So throw up a prayer if you think about it...speaking of prayer and's what I made RIGHT before I sat down to do this CATCH UP post:

This is for a 9x9 accordian album that I'm going to be teaching at the end of February...I need to go post this on my CTMH glittergirl website - see my links if you want to sign up for the class.

Okay, off to put dinner in the crockpot and then off to my dental cleaning...oh the life of a ROCKSTAR - I just can't keep up! LOL!

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