Sunday, January 06, 2008

D(ANGER)! Embrace your inner Dork!


Well I was experimenting with the 'ol camera yesterday and basically being a complete Dork (Notice, with a capital "D"!) But it helped me to clear my head and laugh a little...and here's one of the shots...personally, I think we all need to accept our inner-nerd and love him/her completely and let him/her out once in a while. It makes us appreciate ourselves a bit more, especially when we manage to be "normal" for a complete day! ha! I don't know about you, but that, in itself, can be completely exhausting! :)
Let's see...the boys spent some time at Games Workshop today and I spent some time working on a digital layout...I'm having fun experimenting with this digital stuff. Since I then combine it with paper and embellishments I guess you'd call this hybrid scrapping.

Whatever, I like the results of this one, because I got more out of it than I intended. What I mean is, I thought I was just going to be scrapping a mocking page of one of Seth's typical
Temper tantrums when I bought the paper that said "Danger" all over it, but then as I was making the page I reazlied that the word "anger" is nestled right there inside of the word "Danger"! How apropos for my youngest son! Sad that his temper flares like it does, it's actually scary at times...we've worried and wondered about it since he was 2 years old. He is a VERY sweet boy most of the time, but when it builds up and he lets it go - BOY does he let it go! We took him to see a psychologist at the ripe 'ol age of 2 1/2 but she told us that he was normal and so I asked for some parenting tips, for parenting a child like this. She told us that he seemed to want nothing more than to be in control, so CHOICES were a good thing to present to him. It's just a matter of knowing how to skew the choices. You know what I mean? Do you want to go climb into your bed now and I'll read you a book? Or, do you want me to place you into your bed and get a spanking instead of a book? Creative choices. It's also exhausting at times, but his tantrums are fewer and further spaced out as he's getting older, thank goodness. But the choices still work the best with him. If we forget, and try to fall into "militant" style parenting he gives us a run for our money...

So...didn't mean to get so serious...sorry, anyhooooooooooooo, make sure to let your inner dork come out and play - it will definitely help to relieve any stress you may be having!!!


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