Saturday, January 12, 2008

View from a computer...

Well, well, well, time flies when you're running around chasing your tail! That's what I like to say :) That's what it feels like this week! This was the first week of me getting into my "new" 2008 routine...and it's looking like I may have to tweak it a bit, we'll see.

So far I've managed to keep up on my L.O.A.D. commitment - and it's been a lot of fun creating a page a day (sometimes more) - challenging sometimes (like last night when I was teaching a workshop until 9:30pm), but fun :) I'm not going to post any layouts today - you can see the most recent on my CTMH site at: if you like :)

Today I decided I would post photos "View from a computer" (namely,mine). Lately I spend a bit of time here, creating digital layouts, blogging, emailing and checking out my favorite sites and thought you might want to know what I'm surrounded by...if not, oh well, here goes anyway :)

As you can see, it's a lot of BOOKS! That's because Big Lar cut a space into our uber-cool library (which my ultra-talented F-I-L made) for our computer. I love that quote "A room without books is like a body without a soul." I have it on my fridge. What is your favorite quote? Please let me know in the comment section - I LOVE quotes and am always on the lookout for good ones to use in my blog and scrapbooking. There is also a very messy Inbox for items for me to post on my CTMH website and stuff I have no idea where else to put it and for things like tonight - photo paper for the photos I'm printing while typing this :) Plus, there's always a dog or two just a foot or two away (or underfoot!) Speaking of feet...those are Big Lar's sexy feet...he's sorting out photos (gasp!) - I think he may scrap a page or two yet with me from his Marine days...I bought him the album and the papers but I don't have the memories so he's going to have to do it. I KNOW his boys are going to want to read the stories some day! I know I do now! :) What stories do you have that if you don't write them down somewhere, in a notebook, scrapbook or record them onto a tape or the like, will die with you? Think about it...some of them are probably worth passing down.
Okay, don't forget to share your favorite quotes with me! I'll post some funny photos tomorrow or Monday...
Hugs not Drugs...

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