Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Time has been FLYING lately!!!


Okay, sooooooooooooooo, here's the scoop:

I owe prizes to three people...they will be in the mail by tomorrow. Other than that, no one else has played this time around, but that's okay, because boy oh boy has life gotten busy! I'm guessing yours has too! So GOOD JOB to those of you that did play! And WAY TO GO! This past week I've been spending time overseeing art in my oldest son's class - right now we're working on a book w/art and bible verses in it for the school auction. I've been spending time playing with the dogs each day, and they've really appreciated it. As well, I've been working on a new chore system for the boys - it was Jonah's idea actually - kinda cool. WW is going well - 1.2 lbs. down at weigh in this week - whoo hoo! I've really stepped up my working out sessions this week - I want that weight to come off and to firm up what I've got! I HAVE NOT been doing the following: cleaning house, organizing photos (my class starts tomorrow! yay!), laundry, obsessing over cleanliness around here. Which all translates into my house looking like a tornado hit LOL...seriously! I took a pictuere of my living room as I was walking out this morning...ugh. Nor have I been spending too much time online or in my craftroom or thinking about the rest of the details for our Arizona trip (which I SHOULD be doing!). I have been getting supplies ready for a Memory Showcase class I'm teaching Friday and watching American Idol when it's on...go figure! Okay, so off to the store to find an album to put this great artwork in for the 4th grade's auction donation, then to beautify it and we'll be done with that one. Then I think I'll make up a little coffee table book to add to the pot. Why? Oh because I don't have enough to do, of course! LOL... Here's leaving you with a cute photo S took this week - he loves to take photos of me and Big Lar - all the while he's saying "Kiss! Kiss! Come on, kiss!" We're usually happy to oblige :) I'm so glad my boys are HAPPY to see their parents loving on each other! So healthy!

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