Monday, February 18, 2008

SpiderWick Chronicles, Weigh In and Day Four!

So today was President's Day! Day off from school for the boys, and it was a BE-YOO-TI-FUL day! So I cleaned out the garage (whew! Earned 3 activity points doing that and am up to 13,214 steps on the 'ol pedometer as of right now 8:24pm! My aching back!) Took them to the 5:15 showing of The SpiderWick Chronicles - waaaay cool movie! Loved it! Had weigh in this morning...lost one pound...wasn't too happy until the lady behind the table told me to think of it like 4 cubes of butter - ewwwwwwwwwwwww! SO GLAD THAT'S GONE! Feel much better now! Esp. after having such a hard time with Valentine's Day and the day after that and yesterday...I thought I was going to DIE! The carbs were CERTAINLY calling! Today was MUCH BETTER!

Anyhooooooo, I just went into my studio 30 minutes ago, and took the photos, added digital text, cropped them, made this page, took photos of it, cropped it and am now typing to you and uploading this post - seriously, in 30 minutes. Did I know what I was going to do before I got home? NO. I DID know that it would use this star cello bag that my son came home with from a bday party. Today is garbage day. It flew out of his garbage when I picked it up. I took it as a "sign" that it was to be used :) It INSPIRED me to USE it! Then when I walked into my studio tonight there was an ORANGE STAR on the table...I was INSPIRED to use it as well (so I cut more obviously). I took out my Lomography camera to use tomorrow and was INSPIRED to take a photograph of it for posterity and voila! The whole thing came together! And that my friends, was today's process. So enough talking, here's the finished product - hope you like it:

And I hope this inspires you to be INSPIRED by the everyday, MUNDANE, hey, even the GARBAGE! LOL...have a great night! More tomorrow :) Have fun creating!

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