Friday, February 01, 2008

Want to be COOl like me? AND YOU CAN WIN BIG TOO! read on...

LOL...okay, that just makes me laugh! I LOVE to say things like that! Anyhooooooooo, if you DO want to be COOl like me , I'm going to tell you how. I'm going to tell you the things to buy, do and see so we can have SOOOO much in common that we'll have LOTS to talk about when we get together for coffee or for when you post mahvelous comments here. Ready? Okay? (oops...a bit of "Bring it On" fever coming out...)

1. Go Online and buy Stacy Julian's book Photo Freedom. Read it, live it and love it. We'll have so much to talk about, lament over and share that we'll be life long friends, I'm just sure of it! I JUST pre-ordered mine today.

2. Watch Lisa Bearnson's Paper Crafting Fair on QVC Feb. 4th - I'm VERY excited to catch a bit of this (hopefully!) because we never had QVC before and now we do! Sooooo, hopefully I'll get some good ideas here and we can shriek about them together!

3. It's $5 Friday at Starbuck's today - their top of the line coffee was only $5/lb. today! WHOOHOO! Go pick some up! While you're at it, get a bag for a friend. "You've bean on my mind..." I can see the card now...

4. Watch "The Game Plan" with your kiddos - cute and entertaining. And hey - who wants a bedazzler now? I do! I do!

5. COMMENT on my blog...let me know what YOU'RE doing! Why you read this blog anyway...what you like on it, etc. Let me know who you are.

6. Wear funky glasses because it's fun.

7. Wear flannel pajamas around the house because they're comfy.

8. Write a love letter to someone and NOT because it's Valentine's Day.

9. Make a coffee run to a friend or loved one in the middle of the day "just because" you thought they might need a pick me up.

10. Blog, journal, scrap, doodle, cook, experiment, paint...something. JUST GET MESSY IN LIFE!

11. Birdwatch. They are COOL. You can learn a lot from the birds. They are survivors.

12. Hug someone every day. Touch is integral to our happiness and theirs.

13. Faith. Have some.

14. Read a book. I'm reading The Kite Runner have you read it yet? What did you think? I want to read The Knitting Club next I think.

15. Check out FUN STUFF at BPS - you'll be glad you did!

16. Take a challenge or make one up for yourself! I just finished the 31 day LOAD challenge over at BPS and it was GREAT! Here's the summary layout I made on Day 31 (the top photo is a digital montage of all 45 layouts I made):

17. Dig into your scrapping/stamping/art stash and start USING it! Leave me a comment and tell me what cool things you find and what you are creating or plan to create! I WILL CHOOSE A WINNER FROM ALL COMMENTS POSTED BY midnight PST Monday, Feb. 4TH AND MAIL YOU A SURPRISE FROM MY STASH!

18. Start thinking about something COOL to do for your loved ones for Valentine's Day - no, it doesn't have to cost a lot of money - actually homemade it oftentimes the best! Just start thinking about it now and get to work! Let me know what you're thinking!

Okay, I'll stop now, 18 is one of my lucky numbers...better save some for later! Have a good night!

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Allycat said...


Went ahead and ordered the book because I wanted to be COOL like you! You know that you are my crafting, freespirited idol! Thinking maybe we should meet for some of that Friday coffee! Want to go shopping at Nordstrom's tomorrow? How about the storage place and a furniture store? Call me!


P.S. I think I am getting the hang of this blog thing!