Sunday, February 17, 2008

Day Three and the beat goes on!

Today was a completely LAZY DAY around here! Oh my! And let me tell you...Weight Watchers is HARD if you're not busy and occupying your mind with things other than eating! LOL...watching movies all day is HARD when you can't munch! At least for me! (I know, cry me a river, right?) Guess I should have taken Lar's advice and gone for a walk or something...oh well...a few more hours and it's over. I also had a hard time getting any gusto up to create, so I went to my studio (I decided I'm calling my craftroom a "studio" now...sounds so posh!) and saw these cool ORANGE flowers that I had picked up awhile ago (see previous posts) and thought, well okay, I'll use those FOR SURE! Then I picked up my scraps box and took patterned paper from that and voila! A card was born! So see, art doesn't have to be earth shattering, sometimes it can be that quiet little voice in the corner saying "Over here, notice me!" Just CREATE!
Now for the fun stuff - I drew names from the daily entries and:
Day One Winner: Trishia Swaggerty!
Day Two Winner: Allison Wren!
Keep on sending me your email scans (and hey, comment on here if you could as well that you've sent an email scan so others know there are players out there! :) ) or comment on here with a weblink to your daily art...I'll be sending each of you daily winners something in the mail.
Wish me luck...I have weigh in tomorrow!

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