Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It worked for millions of other people...

So...Lar and I joined the ranks of W.W. Americans yesterday. Weight Watchers, that is. Day One went pretty good. I bought this cool little pedometer gadget (I am a gadget girl!) and am azmazed at the # of steps one takes in a day! Am hoping Day Two goes as well. Off to yoga...need to stop and procure a donation for the school auction first. LOVE my coffee stand...they are so nice - ESPRESSO CONNECTION in Smokey Point. Stop by if you're in the area :) Okay, more later...did you know that blueberries are only 1 point for 1 whole cup?? LOVE them! Need to go to Costco later...yum!

AND HELLO! NO ONE posted to win said stash item in last post!!!! So I have EXTENDED PRIZE DEADLINE to MIDNIGHT FRIDAY! SO post a comment silly! :) Luv ya!


Allycat said...

You go Christa! Maybe, hopefully, after last nights conversation I too will become inspired! Something has got to give and it isn't going to be my pant size!

lar-bar said...

Hey, babe, love your blog. It's inspiring in many ways.