Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Week One DONE! WHEW!

Okay, can I just say, that Weight Watchers is not for wussies?! WOW! Well at least I don't think so! I admit it, I am a JUNK FOOD JUNKIE and a LATE NIGHT BINGER and counting points was hard! But I did it! I lost 4.8 lbs. this past week and Big Lar lost 4 lbs - whoohoo! That was enough to keep me motivated to move on to Week Two (which has been easier so far!) and motivated to start working out a bit more (walking & yoga at this point). Oh! And two of the best things were that: 1. I managed to go to McDonald's and not fail - got the Asian Chicken salad (grilled) - didn't add any extra dressing bec. the stuff they put on the chicken was plenty for me for the entire thing - yum! and 2. Went to Krispy Kreme donuts after a Chuck E. Cheese bday party with the kiddos (tradition to go there when we're in the area) and we all ordered just ONE donut! We even threw out part of one that the kids didn't eat that Lar grabbed up and threw away before I could eat it! LOL...seriously! Here's the proof:

Well that's all fun and all...so now you know what's up (and down) with me in the 'ol weight arena...

As for other things...OOOOOOOOOOO! Went shopping at Target today and got a few very CUTE items! I REALLY CLEANED my house yesterday and got a bit of the early SPRING CLEANING BUG...so I decided that goes with my clothes too!

Here's a cute Valentine's Tee for only $5! (can be worn anytime -

LOVE that! no pun intended :) ) and some SUPER-CUTE CUPCAKE jammie pants from my fave Nick & Nora (I have two of their flannel sets - luv 'em! My MIL got me started on them when I was pregnant with #1 son) I also bought a cute cherry pair and a cute gardening frog pair - too cute, too cute!

And this little mailbox of mine...It's from Mary Engelbreit and I've had it forever. I ALMOST sold it at a garage sale awhile back - SOOOOOOOO glad I didn't! We put it on the dining table last week and put "love notes" in it for each other during the day and pass them out and read them out loud at dinner. So fun and festive!

So...what are YOU doing in your family these days for fun and festivity?

OH! And ALLISON WREN is my WINNER! ALLISON you'll be receiving a goodie in the mail for me so watch your mailbox for some festive and fun stuff from my personal crafting stash! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love to read comments :)

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