Wednesday, February 13, 2008

EYE CANDY for Valentine's Day plus 2 week ART challenge details...

AHHHHH....the eye candy...ALMOST as good as the real thing!

Okay, since we can't have a BUNCH of the real stuff for Valentine's Day, I thought I'd put some
fun eye candy here on my site, that I found on I hope you take some time to really LOOK at these images. They are really inspiring - to me anyway - and I hope to you.

Who woulda thought to take some of these photos? Well obviously these photographers did! I could spend DAYS on looking at all of the beautiful photographs! Now that gets me thinking! ART IS EVERYWHERE!:

Speaking of which, are you getting ready for the 2 week art challenge? It starts Friday...2 more days to go!
Here's how it's going to work:
For two weeks I challenge you to make ART DAILY. EVERY DAY. SOME KIND OF ART. Each day that you make art and post it online (scan your artwork and email it to me as an email attachment or post a link in the comments section to somewhere that it is posted on the web) you will be entered to win a prize! AND everyone who makes ART for the entire 2 weeks will be entered to win the GRAND PRIZE! This is a challenge to get you to see the art in the everyday and to get you and myself going again! Paint a picture, make a card, create a tag, make a scrapbook page, paper mache, whatever floats your boat...just do it EACH DAY (no making 3 things on one to to "work ahead" for the week). Why? Because each day you will find insiration in different places. PLUS, the idea here is to make time for ART, not to fit it in when you can, those two times a year, to show yourself you CAN make it a priority. See you in two days!


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