Saturday, February 16, 2008

Day Two of Create Art Daily!

Lazy Day around here...slept in (felt nice!)...kept within my W.W. points (whoo hoo!)...went for a family walk - the boys rode their bikes - we took some family friends with us - it was nice, the sun was out, but it was COLD! I went grocery shopping by myself, bought the store out even though I only thought I needed a "few things"...cooked a yummy dinner if I do say so myself, took a bath while reading a trashy tabloid (I have to do that once in awhile), and then came downstairs and made this cute card from a piece of JUNKMAIL that came yesterday - I knew I was going to make something with it today because this little frog INSPIRED ME! It was quick and easy and just came together so simply with papers from my scrap box. LOVE THAT! I hope you too are being inspired in your daily creating and if you haven't created yet, I hope you are inspired to join this challenge! Come on, CREATE WITH US! I've had two other entries so far today....will you make it in before midnight?

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