Monday, March 10, 2008

10 ten TEN DIX....1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,


10 WHOPPING POUNDS! YES, THAT'S RIGHT! WEIGHT WATCHERS WORKS! Well, if you choose to work it :) Big Lar got recognized for losing 11#s today and I got my 10# star - YAY!

Now to keep it up (or is that down!??!?) - I may just fit into some clothes for our trip to AZ in 2 weeks!

So I know we set the clocks forward, but who set the calendar forward? Has it really been since Feb. since I posted last? CRAZY! Well let's see, what have I been doing? Let me tell you...

-working on school auction projects (coordinating both boys' class donation project)
-working on our family's donations
-working out (that 10# didn't just FALL off!)
-My Library of Memories online class started over at BPS (see links) and it's WONDERFUL! It's keeping me CRAZY BUSY organizing all of my photo prints and digital photos (who knew I had over 26,000 images on my computer & cds?)
-Teaching CTMH workshops and planning upcoming ones
-Cleaning house - started Spring Cleaning
-Other Household Managerial duties

What about you? What have YOU been up to? Well I'm just going to have to make a point to create some ART tomorrow and post it online so you'll have some eye candy...sound good? I'm on my laptop so I don't have any personal photos to upload on here for you to see...sorry!

But DO let me know what you're creating and doing by posting a comment...I'd love to know!

And I found this on Flickr and thought it was cool...Free Hugs...just lovely! If anyone needs a hug, I ALWAYS have FREE HUGS to give! Just lean in :)

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