Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where is YOUR LIFE taking YOU????

Who's in the driver seat? Are you riding the brake or pushing down on the accelerator?

Who's knocking at the door? Are you listening?

Are you answering? OR are you hiding behind the curtains peeking out?

Are you on perma-cruise? You know, just plugging along each day at the same speed until you're forced to hit the brakes?

Hmmmm...just wondering.

Lar was temporarily laid-off from his job Tuesday. That's what they're calling it. A "temporary" lay-off.

No more cruise around here.

Sure do wish the sun were out today though.

Missed yoga trying to put photos onto a cd for S's teacher...finishing up end of the year portfolios for the kids. I really get frustrated when technology that is supposed to make our lives "easier" takes stinking forever...however, in this case, it COULD, PERHAPS, have had SOMETHING to do with operator error ;) Whatever! :)~

I am going to a scrapbooking retreat this weekend - leaving tomorrow early aft. and gone until aft. Sunday. This was planned "BTL" (before temp. lay-off)...hope it's nice weather - we're going to a lodge in the po-dunks, but in a very beautiful place - hiking and s'mores - YUM! And of course SCRAPBOOKING! Am excited though, because I think I may have figured out how to take all of my photos with me, my digital files, to sort through. Which is something I need to finish up doing and this will be a GREAT opportunity if it works...I'll let you know Monday!
And no AllyCat, you are not terrible for thinking anything...I'm all about being REAL here Baby! :) You are in fact, wonderful, in my book, for being a field-trip-traveling parent in the first place! Ha! That in itself takes hoodspa if you know what I mean.
Okay, off to eat lunch...Lar is making me a sally...guess TL has it's advantages! ;)
Have a great weekend and MAKE SOMETHING OF YOUR LIFE THIS WEEKEND and post to me about it :)
I'll post Memorial Day Weekend photos Sunday or Monday as well as let you know when the CREATE BIG day is at my house (read: bring your stuff over, drink wine, eat and create!) - it's coming soon!

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