Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day! The recipe box...

May 11, 2008
Happy Mother's Day to Ya'll!

Here's to all of the women out there who take care of others even when they don't feel good themselves. To all of the women who go the extra mile and a half. Who smile when they feel like crying. Who think a painted pot by a child they love is equivalent to being handed their hearts on a platter. To all of the women who listen, and give advice. Who apply bandaids and ice, who kiss boo-boos and find jars for bugs. Who dress up like princesses or veterinarians or knights just so you can imagine and PLAY with your children or the children you know. To all of the women who give unconditional love and hugs - I CELEBRATE YOU today! Thanks for being a part of MY life - I couldn't do it without all of you!
This little recipe box came into the Thrift Store the other day. Unassuming in a box with a few other items. Special items. Items that someone had obviously been hanging onto for quite some time. You know, those things that you don't part with until you have to. Well this box SPOKE to me. It is in incredible shape. It begged to be opened. So I did. This is what I found inside. Complete order. Not a thing out of place. And tons of recipes! All filed oh-so-orderly! They begged to be looked at, to be touched, to be read, to be used! I was amazed at the care someone had obviously taken with this little box! The time that had been invested! Each little recipe was tidily handwritten or even typed! All the cards were the same size and neatly slipped into protective plastic sleeves! Oh how I was having recipe-box envy thinking of my own haphazard box at home spewing with recipes and the ziploc bags that it couldn't or wouldn't hold! This box was sheer delight! And the recipes sounded mouth watering! Definitely not the kind of recipes you even THOUGHT about dissecting and figuring out Weight Watcher points to! That would be sacrilege to these historical morsels! It continued to speak to me..."Take me home! Save me!" Normally, in the backroom, when an item comes in with personal stuff left inside of it, we discard the personal items and price the "container" and shelve it for sale. But that just seemed so WRONG in this case! It just couldnt' be done! I talked with a friend of mine there about it, a much wiser woman and she suggested I take it home and sort through the recipes and see what I might find. Oh what I have found! I cannot wait to try some of these! I thought in honor of Mother's Day, I would post one here for you all to's quick and the ingredients are easy to come by, yet it's Pink and fluffy - just right for Mother's Day I think :) Hope you enjoy!


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