Saturday, May 10, 2008

Christa's Favorite Things...

May 10, 2008

Well Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Whatever,to you!

Today is a good day! Yes, it might be overcast outside, but I am determined to make it a good day! Everyone in my family might have caught a spring cold or allergies, that is yet to be determined, but it is STILL going to be a good day! The company where Lar works is still on egg shells as to where their next job is coming from, but it is STILL going to be a good day! Know why? Because of the little things!

Things like friends stopping by for a quick coffee and to pick something up and taking the time to go for a walk with you!

Things like being married to your best friend for 16 years and celebrating it with homemade breakfast for dinner WITH YOUR KIDS, at home and flowers and a FOUR-PAGE love letter and your favorite coffee delivered by your dh the next day at lunch time! SURPRISE!

Things like your honey having a long enough arm (aka: "The Long Arm of The Lar") to get great close-ups of the two of you!
Things like not caring if you go out to eat or if you stay home as long as you're together on your anniversary.
Things like the sheer fact that you're all alive and well on this day makes it a good day!

Then there are actual THINGS too...
Things like deciding to have a piece of artwork commissioned by a local artist and LOVING looking at it each and every day!
Thanks Persis! You rock! I just love this facebowl in RED!

Things like growing herbs in bowls and pots on your deck, outside your kitchen window where you can see them each and every day and USE them in your cooking! YUM!

Thoughtful friends like Julie, who drop off surprises on your doorstep when you're sick...and it's "just what the doctor ordered" - kindess and a cup of tea! I LOVE this teapot and cup! Can you see the cup says, "Creativi-tea" ?

Soaking my feet in my "new" footbath (from the Thrift store where I volunteer) and having BOTH boys ask if they could have a turn :) LOVE that even though I have boys we like to do some of the same things that don't involve mud, balls or bugs! (Okay, we WERE watching National Treasure at the time!)

Sitting in my cozy spot and being invaded by two of the snuggliest boys I know while watching Episode 1 of the Discovery Channel's Planet Earth was a good thing...some of that stuff was kind of disturbing to me...but S kept telling me, "What?!? It's okay, Mom, it's just killing. It happens. Someone has to die! They have to eat!" future hunter! Grandpa would be so proud!

Taking Jake to puppy class at 11 mos. old and having him actually RESPOND! He's turning into MY dog...following me around everywhere and listening to me, but he's actually starting to LISTEN! It's great! And he SMILED for this photo! It really IS the little things!

And of course I would be REMISS if I didn't mention, COFFEE! Any kind long as it has EXTRA CREAM! LOL!!!

And thanks goes out to Jules again for this cute little tin that sits atop my Espresso machine, it was one of those "thinking of you" presents from her - LOVE those!

OH! AND Answers to Questions! The unknown bird in my photos on my last post? Dad emailed me and said, "The bird in question is a Black Headed Grossbeak." So there we have it! I just LOVE learning something each day! Not to mention I LOVE it when ya'll read and comment on my blog :) So thanks for all the LITTLE THINGS :) THEY ARE WHAT COUNT!


If this post looks FUNKY with the spacing or anything I GIVE UP! I have tried to edit it probably 10 times now...and you know, it's just eating up too much you get the gist, right? :) Thanks for understanding! -C :)

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