Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What's Up??!?!?!?

Well, well, let's see...sooooooooooooooo much has been going on!

I hit lifetime membership at WW! Whoohoo to that! yay! It's definitely a challenge figuring out how to stay within 2#s of my goal weight...but whatever...I'll figure it out :) It's been working so far! Here I am receiving my Lifetime "keys" :)

Seth and Jonah both finished up school last Thursday - Seth had an actual Graduation ceremony (from Kindergarten) - it was too cute! He's now a 1st grader and Jonah's a big 5th grader - watch out world! Speaking of graduation...Jake graduated from puppy obedience class today! No, he isn't exactly obedient, yet. He did REALLY well in class, when he knew he was going to get treats for doing his commands, but at home he is so-so. Guess I'll need to carve out some time to work on that each day :)

So our "plan" for the summer is to try and squeeze in fun where and when we can. LOTS OF LOCAL fun too! Here we are at the local SWAP AND SHINE CAR SHOW in downtown this past these little hometown events! It was fun and we were out enjoying the SUN which blessed us with it's presence that day - mmmmmmmmmmmmmm - love that sunshine!

Speaking of sun - or rather, absence of, I have decided to create my own summer this year by hosting once a month Summer Paper Party's in my home. They will be for a number of hours and will be for crafting with other women, creating projects I have designed, projects you are working on that you bring yourself, door prizes, snacks, etc. Enough of this letting the weather decide when my summer starts! Phooey! So if you're interested, check out my other website, for details under MyStory and Calendar of Events.

Lar found a job! YAY!!! He just started this week, and the company he went to work for just lost a huge contract they were ramping up for as well this week, so don't know yet how that will play out with his new-found employment, so we shall see...we shall see.

Close To My Heart is having an AWESOME special this month, buy TWO stamp sets and Get One Free! Again, check it out on my other website...offer only good during June.

We had a MARVELOUS time over in MOSES LAKE over Memorial Day Weekend this year! Here's a photo of my little brother and myself and my favorite niece :) Wish they lived closer! And the beautiful sunset at the top of this post is the sun going down over Moses Lake - live near water - I mean NEAR water! :) Well now that it's summer I will be posting more regularly with PHOTOS even! So have a great day and I'll be back SOON!

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