Friday, August 10, 2007

The Good Things...oh, and laundry....

So why does it seem that the good things in life are always bad for you or fattening or dangerous, etc? For I am in yesterday's self-portrait. I call it my silly "horker" (that's a cross between a hog and a porker) pose with my Baskin Robbin double scoop of Jamoca Oreo and Cherried Jubilee (in a waffle cone thank-you-very-much!) Am I feeling guilty? Not really. I DID go to yoga for the first time in a zillion years and I DID eat healthy organic foods all day long...I DID drink all my water for the day...and then I RUINED it with one " need to take me to ice cream NOW," comment. And of course, like a good man (and like a man with high cholesterol) he didn't blink, just grabbed his car keys and off we went on our little high calorie honey-date. Ahhhh...if B&R could only figure out how to make their ice cream taste as yummy but leave the calories THAT would be a miracle!

Today's self-portrait (if you want to know what's with all this "self portrait past blogs), is another one of my vices...thus the name of my BLOG. SB's American (iced in this case) with extra cream. Not so bad if it didn't have the CREAM in it...but that's how I like it and baby, THE HIPS DON'T LIE!! Ah well...what's a girl to do...seems like most things I like are "bad" for me in some way or another...go figure!

And it ocurred to me, I haven't introduced the world's cutest puppy Super Jake! He's almost nine weeks old.
I took him out on errands with me today and boy was he a whiner! Usually he's super-good, but not today boy! See, Jonah's gone at sleep-away camp (has been all week and it's WEIRD!) and Seth was overnight at Grandma & Grandpa's...poor little Jakey didn't know what to do with himself! He's used to having so much BOY ATTENTION! So anyway, I was totally paranoid that the doggy police were going to kick me out of ROSS at any moment due to my squiggly, wiggly puppy, but no, instead I was mauled by little girls and women alike (even workers) whilst we all stood in this mad, insane line! Whew! Good thing he's so cute :)

Well that's all for today...I need to get something done for a swap that needs to be mailed out, get dinner going, get the paint out for the entryway and do some basic housewively duties (ewwwwwwwww, does that include laundry? ack! I think it DOES! ) LOL...just kidding....I don't mind it...well the washing and drying and folding part...I just detest the putting away part...

Hasta Pasta!

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