Wednesday, August 08, 2007

38 things to do before I'm...

HEllOOOOOOOOOO out there! Nice to see you! Ha! If I could only really see you!

Well it's about time to start rockin' this BLOG! I think I'll start with my "38 things to do before 39" layout challenge from Elsie Flannigan. Thanks Elsie!

Oh yeah, thanks a lot!!! NOT! I JUST realized I've now POSTED my age (gasp!!!) I ALWAYS LIE!!! It literally took me some mathematics to figure out the age I'd have to use to do this challenge! No joke! That's how NOT OLD I think I am! Yikes! Anyhooooooo....

This is the list on my page, that you probably cannot read (not in any order):
  • Take more photos
  • 5k/10k
  • listen more (I have 2 boys!)
  • write more letters "just because"
  • BLOG
  • submit my work
  • Breakfast daily
  • maintain weight (well, don't gain!)
  • hiking w/my men
  • visit Nancy in OR
  • Make and All About Me A.B. (altered book)
  • Buy more cds (instead of just intending to)
  • Make ATC's with Seth (my 5 y/o)
  • Redo my address book
  • Try tofu
  • Teach Super Jake basic obedience & agility??
  • $1,200 mo/CTMH
  • Start using eye cream! LOL!
  • Pay off debt
  • Visit Holli
  • 2008 CTMH convention WDW FL
  • Our wedding album
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Paint bathrooms
  • Live green/Eat Organic
  • Pursue holistic health
  • Can peaches 4 1st time
  • Coffee w/dad monthly
  • Yoga practice 4x week
  • Daily Vitamins
  • Make "life" soundtrack
  • Monthly Dates with Big Lar
  • Scrap more - freestyle!
  • 365 days of self-portraits
  • go to AZ to see Sara & family
  • prayer journal

I've seen some really cool blogs out there and I want to start playing around with MINE and this is the year! Both boys are going to be in school full-time so I should have plenty of time to create AND cook dinner (thank goodness for the crockpot! LOL!) Now, does anyone know where I can learn the basics? LIke how to incorporate music and cool personalized banners, etc. for my blog?

Speaking of color (which leads me to personal style), I asked my dh Lar, if he thought I had a "Style" while I was creating my list of 38 things and this was his reply, verbatim,

"Thankfully no! You're a chameleon...ebb and flow with the weather, emotions, compulsiveness. You aren't a desperate housewife. You aren't overweight and frumpy. You aren't a new millenium teenager. Some people's styles are dictated by who they want to be, and others because they've just given up. You're you. And that's all I've got to say about that."

Sometimes, that man can say JUST the right thing ;)
(no, this isn't Lar's style...he's dressed up as Chief something or other Wiki Wiki for a murder mystery party we went to - WAAAAY cool fun! We're copying the idea and doing the same thing for my bday this month - yay fun!)

So that's it for tonight...maybe I'll figure out something else cool "to do" on my blog for tomorrow since BLOG IS on my list and I am PINKY SWEARING with Elsie to do these things! I mean really!

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