Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights...

Yes, it IS a country song!

And it is my life! Wasted? Hmmm...I'm not sure about that...A LOT has been being done, just not ART, as I had hoped! I have NOT gotten the Etsy shop up and running yet (sigh!) and I have NOT been in the Studio as I had hoped...I have NOT even been volunteering at the Thrift Store the last two weeks because things have been so hoppin' crazy!

I HAVE been:
-prepping and doing the GlenEagle garage sale (read: getting rid of TONS of junk around here! YAHOO!)
-Spring Cleaning (in the Fall nonetheless!)
-hosting two great U.K. coaches for a week (check out www.UKsocca.com for more info)
-taking the BOYZ to soccer/swimming and going to soccer games
-working out like a madwoman (read: ENDORPHINS BABY!)
-going away with dh for a MUCH NEEDED weekend!
-going away on a weekend "lifebooking" retreat with CTMH girlfriends
-Designed, ordered and received my new business cards - yay!
-Making and taking the boys to TONS of different types of dr. appointments (eyes, ped's, psych's, etc.) trying to make sure we get them ON THE RIGHT TRACK and get them WHAT THEY NEED to learn best.
-figuring out a daily/weekly routine that will work with the new school/teachers that the BOYZ have this year
-sorting through a TON of paperwork and bills and financial YUCK that I avoided all summer long!
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooo, needless to say, this week, I am hoping to:
-get the Etsy shop up and running!
-get in my studio again!
-start blogging daily
-continue my workout regime
-keep eating HEALTHY (fell off the wagon there for a week or two...oh my!)
-oh! And figure out FaceBook...my newest discovery - chalk that one up to the two STUARTS who were staying with us - thanks a lot guys! :)

Okay, I promise to post a more insightful and artistic posts as the week progresses...
keep checking back for photos and inspiration :)

Good NIght for now...and hey - does anyone know where the expression "Bloody Hell" came from anyway? Do tell....

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