Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Goodbye CTMH!

Goodbye CTMH

After 12 years I am retiring as an active Consultant! I am turning my customers over to a few VERY CREATIVE and ACTIVE Consultant friends who will take good care of you! My downline will roll up to my upline and will be taken good care of as well :)

This has been a very hard decision, and I have taken 6 months to seriously consider it, so I am not making it lightly. I am going to pursue some other endeavors at this time (which you will most likely read about here!) and explore some new things as well. I am looking forward to this time of "rediscovery"as Big Lar is calling it.

Thanks for all of your support. Please let me know if you need the names, websites and/or emails of a Consultant to take care of you in your area. My friends Maggie and Debi are having their new Fall Idea Book release party this Sunday at 2:30pm Let me know if you want to attend. I will be attending as a customer to see all of the new things myself - I can't wait :) What a different feeling!

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