Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A new day is dawning...

but what did I do with it?

Today's Daily Quote is PERFECT for my new adventure! I will write it here, since it will be different tomorrow.

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens." -Carl Jung, psychologist
PERFECT TIMING! And no, I had no idea that would be today's quote! :)

So today, Big Lar asks me after he gets home from taking Jonah to soccer practice, how my first day of "discovery" was....hmpf! How WAS it? How WAS it? How WAS it? Really, how WAS it?

Let me tell you...
Jonah and I woke up, got ready for life, ate, take laundry down to the laundry room, sort, fold and start a new load. Then we head out to the Sr. Ctr. thrift store to do our volunteering. We stopped by the gym to pick up the new schedule and check out the swimming class info. since Jonah thinks he wants to look into the swim team (thanks to watching Michael Phelps in the Olympics - hey, I'm all for dreaming BIG!). We end up signing Seth up for a class so he has a "sport" - J is currently doing soccer, so we investigate his options as well and sign him up for an assessment as to where he is at currently. We need to come back later for that. We pay and as we are about to leave we run into a GOOD friend of mine that I haven't seen for a couple of weeks. I end up sitting and talking to her for a bit about my "retirement" since it shocked the bejeebers out of her...
Finally Jonah and I head out to the thrift store an hour behind schedule. We stay there happily working until 2ish. Then we go get gas, get home just as my dad pulls in with Seth asleep in his car. We visit with G'pa, unload all the stuff from both cars, take sleeping Seth out who then wakes up and turns into GRUMPY Seth (although G'pa SWEARS he's been an ANGEL for 3 days!) and once G'pa leaves the feud is on to get Seth into a swimming suit BEFORE he watches a short movie (bribe to put on the suit) before his swimming lesson. I end up winning that one, and Seth and Jonah both watch a short movie whilst Jonah is running around packing up his stuff for soccer practice/swimming assessment.

We all run out the door to J's swimming assessment (Seth is a stinker the entire time insisting on jumping in the pool even though his lesson isn't for an hour! AND refuses to listen to me the entire time - NICE!) Lar meets us there, loses his cool with Seth's behavior, we decide to send Lar to soccer instead of me, I'll stay at the pool with Seth for swimming. Seth and I hang out for another half hour to wait for his lesson, J and Lar go off to soccer - Seth continues to misbehave for another half an hour, then his class starts and he starts to behave a little better. Luckily it's only a half an hour class! Next time we'll only be there for the class and I'll make sure he's not so tired!
We get coffee for me afterwards and get home to a messy kitchen and very energetic dogs, so I clear off the countertops, wipe them down, throw the ball for the dogs off of the deck while intermittently washing my hands I start chopping stuff for dinner and putting it all on the BBQ for what ends up to be a chicken stir fry of sorts (turns out good). Once dinner is over I quickly balance the checkbook (much needed!) - it's at this time I think that Lar asks me how my first day of "discovery" went...
SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! A complete waste? Not exactly...

Here's what I learned:

1. I initially thought I wanted to drop most everything I had going on in my life right now, but I think I want to keep some things, like the Thrift Store - I GET energy from it somehow. Even though sometimes it drains me to think of going, once I'm there, I get energized. Being around people is good for me. Plus I get ideas there. It's a different dynamic that I don't get anywhere else in my life.

2. I re-learned that I need to SCHEDULE time for my ART. No one else is going to do that BUT ME. I need to MAKE IT A PRIORITY.

3. Sleeping in is nice, but I need to choose - stay up late and sleep in or go to be before midnight and get up early, but going to bed early and getting up late is a WASTE OF TIME!

And that's what I learned on Day One of my Re-Discovery :)

Here's a little eye candy for you - my Art Studio is coming along nicely - I have LOTS more to purge now that I know I'm not going to be a Consultant anymore...GARAGE SALE is SEPTEMBER 12/13th (I'll only be here the 12th, but Big Lar will be manning the sale the 13th)
And the other photo is the boys at Pike Place this past weekend (another one of our Family Fun Adventure cards - loving these!) - lots of the photos I'm using are from this trip :)

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