Thursday, October 11, 2007

What is your Why?

So what is your why? Why do you do the things you do? Why do I post this blog? A good friend asked me this one day...she's never read it...she wasn't being rude, she was just wondering. It was a good question and it made me think. I mean, if no one else ever reads it, why? Well here's my why: I post my blog for a little bit of self-therapy, to "get certain things out" - ya' know? Those things that no one else really asks about, but are just building up inside you, swirling around, gathering up steam and thoughts and ideas... I also post my blog so I can share photos and the "what's going on in my life right now" because although I am a writer by degree, I am horrible at keeping an actual journal a "voice" if you will, of myself through time. So I think it will be nice to see how I grow and change over and through time... I also keep a blog because it is technical to a degree and I like computers and technology so I feel like I'm somewhat in the current playing field of life around me :) I can post pix of my family and friends to look at and share with others if they so choose to view makes me happy :) I also blog (here's the dark reason) because, God forbid, should something happen to me one random day, my kiddos would be able to go to a place, albeit on a computer and read their mother's words, how she lived her days, how she felt about random things, even if I never complete another scrapbook page again (GASP!) I know - sacrilege! Besides, my memory is so bad, it helps me with journaling for when I DO scrapbook! LOL...I've said it before and I'll say it again...I really don't think that was placenta that came out when I had each strangely resembled BRAIN MATTER! And with each one! YIKES!

So on that's a little eye candy for you...something a bit lighter for you whilst you ponder YOUR "WHY"...I took Jonah with me to the Sr. Center Thrift Store yesterday to volunteer - we not only volunteered, but we found some great deals on kids' games - whoohoo! Jonah was an amazing volunteer - great manners, fun, and social not to mention he got A LOT done! He's a good little worker bee! So anyhooooooo, I found this apple just MADE MY DAY! You put a coin on the front and this little pink worm comes zooming out and eats up the coin! He's was hard to photograph so I used my finger to hold him a bit...boy oh boy does this make me SMILE! Oh...and a few more pictures of my "why's" below :) Our funny fish (in their SPARKLY tank - thanks Honey!) My goofy boys, my new spectacles (don't I look smart?!?!) and my Honey - and for the boys being old enough to go out in public to eat once in a while without melting down!!! whooo hooo!!!!

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