Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Holiday Season Begins!

And so it has! I have gotten out my Holiday Book...the super secret book that I keep track of all my holiday doings/buyings/sendings/comings and goings in! WHEW! It keeps me from losing my mind. Thought I'd get a head start this year with Lar still out of work it'll take some extra planning to make the 'ol dollar stretch this time around.

FINALLY got the Etsy shop up and running today! YAY! My partner was very excited (she is the craftswoman for this endeavor) as she has been UBER-patient with me in figuring out how to set up the shop part of it. Now that I know how, I'm thinking I just might have to open one up for my own stylings and creations!

Sooooooooooooooo, what I want to know is, what is your favorite holiday tradition? What are you LOOKING FORWARD to this year? AND, what is the one tradition that you could LEAVE BEHIND? Something you do, but really don't know why you do it a comment and let me are mine:

I LOVE getting down the decorations the day after Thanksgiving (yes, when many of you crazy people are out shopping!) and sorting through my decorations and deciding what's going to stay and what's got to go...I've been simplifying my "style" since last year...much better!

I COULD DO WITHOUT the "Under $x amount gift exchanges". I like to attend the parties, etc. but I really don't need or want the chintzy little gifts - I don't like to buy them and don't know what to do with them after I receive them! I'd much rather do a White Elephant gift exchange (you give or regift something you already have) where there is humor involved and you don't have to feel bad about pitching it afterwards!
(Okay, so I actually kept this one, but you get the idea! LOL!)


Crazy Mom of 2! said...

I do to also love decorating the day after Thanksgiving... I love love so much about Christmas I'm not sure how I could possibly pick a favorite tradition... plus w/ our family dynamics changing and us moving, we are gonna have to start some new traditions!

GlitterGirl said...

OOOOO! Make an advent calendar NOW for the choose what goes in each pocket...tags with things on them like "fingerpaint!", "make snowflakes", "bake cookies", "wrap presents", "buy Daddy's present"...they love it!

Crazy Mom of 2! said...

Well that would be cool but I'm not crafty... how would I start and what would I make it with... do a blog on "How to make and advent calendar"... xoxo Jamie

Anonymous said...

This years new tradition will be puttin' up a puzzle tree. That's what the kids call a fake tree. We've always gotten a real tree and I'm gonna miss it this year!
Up here in Ab,Canada the trees are pretty spendy. We also get to go home for Christmas.Yea!

GlitterGirl said...

Okay, you I will Jamie! :) Look for it this week :)

And yay Cindy! Maybe we can have coffee? Let me know where you'll be have my cell#?