Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Doctor, Doctor, give me the news...

I've got a bad case of...ERP! Okay, okay, this ISN'T the 80's anymore! Sheesh! This IS 2008 and I am a MOM! A MOM of TWO, COUNT 'em TWO BOYS who have Doctor Appointments up the YING YANG this month! Let's see...where in the Yellow Pages does one find a person who's sole service is to drive little ones around to these appointments, take in the information, disseminate it back to you, soothe them at the appointments, calm them afterwards, PAY the required fees at the appointment (not to mention find the other monies before and afterwards - we ALL know there are ALWAYS more MONIES involved). Oh, did I mention entertain in the waiting room? Wrangle them up at school? Write the notes dismissing them from school and remember to give them the notes and hope and pray they pass the notes on to their teachers? And then REALLY hope and pray they'll be in the office when you arrive 10 minutes later than you should be to pick them up for said appointment? And when they are not in the office, will locate them in their classroom to find that they are also not ready to leave said classroom either, because, on THIS particular day, they are having FUN (yes, the one and only day in the entire school year!) and don't want to leave, this person will have a magical solution for this scenario that will separate the child from the FUN and SPLENDOR of the classroom without a hitch and get them to their scheduled dr. appointment on time - because of course, they would never be caught in traffic or have to stop for a potty or snack or anything of the sort to avoid a meltdown because they are a MAGICAL CREATURE who DOESN'T EXIST!!!




So, alas, alack, I have been taking the kids to their Orthodontist, Pediatrician, Vision, "Talking" Doctor and Chiropractor appointments without any help. SEVERAL TIMES A WEEK.

And yes, it is getting OLD.

I am ready for a break. How about you?

And don't get me started on after-school sports...at LEAST I have HELP with that! (thank you Big Lar and G'ma and G'pa Ski!) I bow to those of you who have to tackle that one by yourself as well...oh my - you deserve a medal!

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