Thursday, August 21, 2008


Can you possibly imagine why????

We had the opportunity (read: time and money fell into the time/space continuum at PRECISELY the same moment! Now how often does THAT happen??? Read: never!) to get new carpet so we JUMPED on it!

Consequence: The craftroom is the LAST room to have been put back together. Today at 2:00 pm this is what it STILL looks like. And approx. 20% of items that belong in here are still in the garage! Oh my! Looks like ANOTHER huge GARAGE SALE in a couple of weeks! Who will the lucky people be?

NEW CTMH catalog has been me to get one in your hot little hands or view it online under shopping at my other site:
I'm planning on a proper "reveal" at the beginning of September sometime...

More soon...once soccer camp is over this week - this one child in half day (out at noon) and the other out at 3pm is KILLING me!

ALMOST done, I mean a few pages away, from being done with THE SHACK, have you read it? Ooooooo, let's blog!

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